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Brasil Nature
Here you will find information about Brazilian ecosystems, tourism, development and communication. This site supplies information that stimulate the correct development of ecotourism, respecting the environment.

Get ready. You're about to find out a bit about Brazil. Sure, it's Brazil in photographs, Brazil on paper. Colorful, brilliant, beautiful, well-presented, but Brazil on paper nevertheless. One that you can take home, leave on the shelf, on the desk at the office, in a place where it stands out. One you can 'visit' from time to time by leafing through this book, or show your family and friends. It might be simply Brazil on paper, but this is certainly an unforgettable souvenir of a unique country.

Getting reliable information in Brazil can often be a frustrating endeavor, and probably ranks highest among most visitor's complaints list. Usually you have to learn how things work the hard way, which often leads to unpleasant experiences and a poor impression of the country. In this category you will find a list of topics which should help you in your day-to-day activities and hopefully make your stay in Brazil a little less stressful.

Brazil on board
On-line Tourist Guide specialized in Brazil. With the authority of who has worked in the area of tourism for decades, the team of the BRAZILONBOARD.COM has been creating a bank of information that contain general and specific information of this great country. Here the internauta can interact preparing his own trip, because the BOB offers the necessary tools to plan a personalized trip. Our objective is to promote on a large scale, all the capitals, municipals, areas of ecologic preservation as well as the treasures of the country, with precise and strict information, guaranteing that the user has a total comprehension of each place that he plans to know.

The Rio guide
For all its natural beauty, Rio de Janeiro – with a population of around seven million people (big Rio has 12 million) is still one of the world’s biggest and most populated cities. Being a major city, Rio offers its visitors the infrastructure its status merits. It offers a wide selection of hotels, restaurants and bars; it has numerous exhibitions and conference centers; the cultural and sporting scene is justifiable famous; the shops and stores are world class; the city has well developed banking, financial, medical service, and an extensive transport system which allows visitors and residents to move around the city easily be it by taxi, bus, bicycle or on foot. Thirty-two percent of the total Brazilian population live within a 500 km radius of Rio de Janeiro. In the same area are to be found sixty-five percent of Brazil’s service industries and industrial production and forty percent of its agricultural production.

Sao Paulo portal was produced to help foreigners, especially business man, but not only them. Many foreigners have faced difficulties and had bad times because they did not had chance to find helpful information from São Paulo, specially from people who live here and know better then anyone the tips&tricks of this huge city.

My experiences in the wonderful country of Brazil, a virtual introduction to this beautiful country and friendly people.

Brazil travel news
Brazil Travel News offers all the information about Brazil you should know before you are travelling there. Brazil is the 5th largest country with the 12th largest economy, is multifaceted: The rich and diverse culture of Brazil arises from multiple influences in the country's history (native Indians, European & Asian emigrants, slaves from Africa). Even the spectra of Brazil's nature is immense - from seductive beaches to the unique flora & fauna of the Amazon Rainforest


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