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  • Botswana tourism
    This is Botswana, where you will encounter endless horizons. The unforgettable wilderness, the splendid waterways of the Okavango Delta, the Kalahari Sand Dunes and the abundance of wild-wildlife are just a few features of what makes Botswana your ultimate destination. Welcome to the very best part of Africa. Botswana, a country better known for peace and tranquillity, diamonds and beef, holds a lot of suprises for you. Come and explore the diverse cultures of its people and nature at its best.
  • Exporters association of Botswana
    Exporters Association of Botswana (EAOB) is a non-governmental Trade Organization registered under the Botswana Registrar of Societies Act to facilitate global trade and enhance economic growth and diversification from traditional exports to non-traditional exports (manufactured goods and services).
  • Discover Botswana
    The Discover Botswana website incorporates the third edition of Discover Botswana magazine and the first edition of Investors' Guide to Botswana. The site also provides an opportunity for Botswana to showcase the uniqueness and diversity of the tourism industry in Botswana and its investment opportunities.
  • Republic of Botswana
    The Republic of Botswana is situated in Southern Africa, nestled between South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The country is democratically ruled, boasts a growing economy and a stable political environment. Botswana has some of Africa's last great wildernesses including the famous Okavango Swamps and the Kalahari desert. Botswana is the largest exporter of gemstone diamonds in the world as well as a large beef exporter to the European Economic Community.
  • Bezab biz
    Botswana internet directory compiled by Beza Belayneh


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