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  • Armenia - [Travel] Armenia Information
    The Armenian Tourism Development Agency (ATDA) with a staff of more than sixteen employees, including customer service representatives, web designers, marketing and PR coordinators, as well as writers and agency executives, has actively pursued the development of Armenian tourism, both locally and globally, for more than two years. By representing Armenia at international trade shows, exhibitions and conferences, as well as organizing familiarization trips to Armenia for travel writers, tour operators and agents, sponsoring festivals and special events, ATDA has been able to develop a successful, multi-tiered approach toward tourism development.
  • Armenia - [Travel]
    The first catalogue of entertainment and rest centers in Armenia is online now and gives the guests and tourists, as well as all our citizens an opportunity to be well informed about entertainment, leisure, rest and health centers, as well as hotel and tourism business.
  • Armenia - [Travel] Lonely Planet travel resource page
    One of the cradles of civilisation, Armenia offers visitors a refreshing experience - if they are prepared to occasionally pass on all the comforts
    of home. Facilities for travellers are few and far between, but then so
    are queues, and Yerevan's sidewalk cafes afford great people-watching.
  • Armenia - [Travel] Road to Armenia
    Photoreport by Andranik Michaelin who traveled to different parts of Armenia, took many pictures, visited monasteries, listened to the people, and enjoyed their boundless hospitality.
  • Armenia - [Travel] Tourarmenia
    Complete Guides and information about traveling to Armenia. Armenia Lodging exchange tours, Dining, Armenia Tours, Armenia Tourists, Eco-tours, Nature Tours, Armenia Flora Armenia fauna, Armenia History, Armenia culture, Armenia travel, Armenia news, Tours, Armenia, Caucasus, Travel, Tourism, Armenia, Tours, Caucasus.
  • Armenia - [Travel] Tourism Armenia
    Armenia - acknowledged as one of the cradles of civilization - is a beautiful country with a sophisticated people and a long and cultured history. As a result, Armenia is an intriguing tourist destination. Numerous monuments and masterpieces of the Ancient era and Middle Ages can be found throughout the country. The monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin enjoy have been given the status of world heritage sites. Tourism in Armenia is rooted in the country's historical landmarks and natural attractions such as the water resorts of Lake Sevan,the hot springs of Arzni and Jermuk, the forests of Dilijan, Aghveran, Tsaghkadzor, Bjurakan and Gugark, and the mountainous natural caves and cliffs of the Southeast region.
  • Armenia - [Travel] Traveldocs Resource Page


  • Armenia - [Directory] Armenian Directory Yellow Pages
    The Armenian Directory Yellow Pages, is the Original, Most Widely Circulated Directory among Armenian Communities ever. The first of its kind, is a professional publication dedicated to providing the most complete up to date information to individuals and businesses. This non-partisan, non-sectarian publication now for the entire United States and Canada Nationwide has been serving the Armenian Communities in California and abroad since 1980.
  • Armenia - [Directory] Armenia online
    Today's Armenia is a small republic in the southern Caucasus. It borders in the north on Georgien, in the east on Azerbaijan, in the south on Iran and the Azerbaijani Exklave of Nachitschewan and in the west on Turkey.
  • Armenia - [Directory] Armenian business
    This site is the place to search and learn about all Businesses and Professionals who are interested in promoting their business or profile in Armenia and to the world Armenian community on the Internet.
  • Armenia - [Directory]
    One of the world's oldest & largest Armenian web sites. Since 1996, has grown to about 1,000 web pages and even more pictures
    so take your time to navigate through the many topics covered.
  • Armenia - [Directory] Spyur Yellow pages
    SPYUR is a unique information and inquiry service that collects, processes and disseminates information about companies and organizations of Armenia.
    SPYUR has been providing these services since 1992.
  • Armenia - [Government] Armenian government on the web
    This website will keep you informed about: the activities of the Government of the RA, the Prime Minister of the RA and become familiar with the Program of the Government Activities, important decrees, the structure and the previous Governments of the RA. The Information and Public Relations Department of the Government of the RA and the Information Analytic Center for Economic Reforms will provide you with daily information (meetings, analyses, press-conferences, photos, etc.) making Government's work more accessible.
  • Armenia - [Resource] was launched in September 2000 as a non-profit web site with both original content and dozens of featured links to selected Armenian web sites on the internet. has hundreds of photographs online and has a world of topics ranging from history to the arts to sports - nearly anything you can imagine! In addition to that we host online exhibitions of Armenian artists.
  • Armenia - [Resource] Enterprise incubator foundation
    Enterprise Incubator Foundation was created to help small and medium size companies operating in Armenia and specializing in information technologies. Our goal is to build successful business incubation mechanisms for IT start-ups by providing three interrelated services:
  • Armenia - [Resource] Silicon Armenia
    The definitive source of information, opportunities and community dedicated to the development of Armenia's High-Technology / ICT industry. SiliconArmenia was established as the primary Armenian High-Tech / ICT industry portal, designed to promote Armenia’s burgeoning technology sector through increased exposure to international markets, prospective customers, partners and investors. SiliconArmenia is the first vertical industry portal of the Armenian Development Gateway, which was developed to support the social/economic knowledge based development of Armenia through Internet and other ICTs.  SiliconArmenia is a bridge between Armenia's strategically important High-Tech/ICT industry and members of the Armenian Diaspora who are in positions to help this sector flourish.


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