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  • Alaska - Alaska online shopping guide
    Alaskan gifts await you in our gift store such as Gold Nugget, Ivory jewelry beautiful hand-carved Totem poles and Ivory, Jade and Antler carvings. Our Alaskan fine arts and crafts is crafted by hand, each are one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Here you will find the finest in Alaskan gifts from South East Alaska, the coastal villages of Alaska's shore along the Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean to our Interior villages above Fairbanks within the Arctic Circle to Anchorage and south to Kachemack Bay.

    Alaska is known for the old adage "if you see it and like it don't pass it by, as you may never see it again. Since 1973 we have been bringing Alaska to the world, Alaska Guide find Alaskan gifts is family owned and operated by Arctic Originals, Inc. We offer our fine selection of Alaskan gifts of the best quality handmade treasures of hundreds of Alaskan gifts with more arriving everyday.

  • Alaska - Alaska Bed an breakfast directory
  • Alaska - Alaska Information Services
    Looking for an Alaska Vacation, would you like to go Halibut fishing or Salmon fishing, Kayaking, Bear viewing or just lay back in your hot tub at your lodging and take in the spectacular view? We have very interesting sites for the shopper, fisher person, traveler, students and anyone just looking for information on Alaska, Alaska Maps, Alaska Lodge's, Alaska B&B's, Bear Viewing, Scenic Flights, Alaska camp grounds and links to Alaska weather, Alaska State Parks, new Alaska Books and Authors page, Homer Alaska Senior Center, Etc.
  • Alaska - Alaska's National Parks
    This site is designed to provide you with quick access to Alaska travel information on Alaska's most popular travel destinations. Whether you are looking for a great hotel or lodge, travel on the Alaska railroad, the best day tours, or more information on Alaska cruises or National Parks - you have come to the right place. Each travel tip offers visitor information on the topic and additional links to specific Alaska travel sites.

    In addition to information from Alaska Tour and Travel, you will find dozens of other links to top Alaska travel resources. Not only will you find links to major sites like the Alaska ferry system, the National Park Service and all the cruise lines and airlines serving Alaska, there are plenty of smaller links like the Alaska Native Heritage Center or the Alaska Sealife Center. You can even check weather links and information for major Alaskan cities, or browse the web's top book sellers for Alaska travel guides. 
  • Alaska - Alaska One
    The Alaska Internet Travel Guide is Alaska's most comprehensive online travel information source. We feature hundreds of businesses that specialize in providing travel tours, accommodations, and adventures in the Great Land.
  • Alaska - Alaskan photography
    Alaska's Premier Photography and Travel Guide; with over 600 Alaskan photos to enjoy as well as business listings from all of the major communities. Whether you are a local Sourdough or a visitor from out of state, this is a great place to plan your Alaskan adventure.
  • Alaska - Alaska Search
    Alaska Search provides a large amount of travel and tourism related information. If you require more specific information, would like to travel to Alaska or arrange a trip, then we encourage you to contact the many participating businesses of this web site.
  • Alaska - Alaskan
    Your guide to America's Last Frontier. Featured inside are valuable resources and information on Alaska's businesses, Alaska travel information, tour operators and guides, Alaska real estate and much more!
  • Alaska - Alaskans
    Alaska's best resource for Alaskan travel, vacation, business and visitors information.
  • Alaska - Alaskan holiday
    Alaskan Holiday Internet Travel Guide -- Statewide listing of hunting, fishing, weather, accommodations, lodges, and bed and breakfasts.
  • Alaska - Alaska on the web
    Alaska travel adventures. Aircharters & flightseeing, backpacking & hiking, bear viewing, birding & ecotours, mountain climbing, kayaking & rafting
    and more. Begin your Alaskan adventure here!
  • Alaska - Alaksa outdoors directory
    Rare is the person who when thinking about Alaska does not put the outdoors early in their thoughts. Huge but sparsely populated, Alaska's outdoors dominates the lifestyles of many who live here whether they be Alaska natives or those who have come from other parts of the USA or the world. is designed to provide substantial information about important out of doors activities in "the Great Land" -- at first hunting and fishing, but more to come in the future.
  • Alaska - AK Tourist guide - Your Link to the Great State of Alaska. We have made it our goal to bring the tourist as much information possible regarding your future visit to Alaska. When we first visted Alaska, it was then that we fell in love with the state, its people, and especially its wilderness. With this experience, it also sparked a long dormant artistic side in both of our personalities. This is the point that inspired Michael in photography and digital art. Our travels have taken us to Anchorage, Glennallen, Denali, Fairbanks, Homer, Kenai Fjords, Matanuska Valley, Nenana, Palmer, Prince William Sound, Resurrection Bay, Soldotna, Seward, Talkeetna, Tok, Valdez and Wasilla.
  • Alaska - AlcanSeek
    The Alcanseek Search Engine is the only one of it's kind on the World Wide Web. No other site offers searching and directory capabilities for Alaska and Canada exclusively.
  • Alaska - Bed and breakfast association
    The Bed & Breakfast Association of Alaska-INNside Passage Chapter is a professional association for innkeepers of bed & breakfasts, country inns and small lodges located throughout Southeast Alaska. We have B&B members in Gustavus, Haines, Juneau, Ketchikan, Petersburg, Sitka, Skagway, Wrangell and Yakutat. Member Bed & Breakfasts are listed by geographical area. Just click on the city or town for both member and area information. If a member has a personal homepage, you may browse it by clicking on their highlighted name. To make a reservation contact the individual Bed & Breakfast. You will find contact information for each member in the directory listed under each city.
  • Alaska - Beringsea
    Our dream is to create a place for people around the Bering Sea to meet, to connect, to share, and eventually to conduct and attract business and trade. This site is the result of an ambitious new effort, inspired, funded, and organized by the Tanadgusix (Alaskan Native Village) People and their friends. We are a small organization of real Alaskan citizens-not some giant commercial conglomerate. Yet, with modern tools and sincere efforts we can grow this site to serve each other. Native and non-native villages and communities will both be welcome here. Our "common ground" is the sea-the Bering Sea. We all live along its shores. Our Bering Sea economies are dependent on the web of life and resources that flow through it. And from now on, our economies are also tied to the larger worlds of national and international trade and law.
  • Alaska - Everything Alaska
    Your On-Line Source For All Things Alaskan. Attractions, Business, Communities, History, State & City Links, Local Webpages, News, Photo Galleries, Special Offers, Stats & Facts, Weather, Annual Events, Travel Information, Aurora Borealis and Much Much More...
  • Alaska - Explore North
    Much more than just another link site, ExploreNorth is here to help with all the information you need to explore the circumpolar North. The regions we cover are Alaska, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Faroe Islands and the northern parts of the Russian Federation. With original articles and photos, and background material on the culture, environment and economy of the North, you will find information here that is available nowhere else.
  • Alaska - Fairnet
    FairNet is an electronic community network for Fairbanks, Alaska, and the surrounding area. FairNet provides educational and community information to the public free of charge.
  • Alaska - Alaska guidebook
    Explore over 2,000 pages of detailed travel information about Alaskan trips, B&Bs, trails, wildlife, activities, charter flights, and more...We are a travel community website, seeking firsthand accounts about unusual places, hiking trails, activities, etc., within the state.
  • Alaska - I love Alaska
    ILoveAlaska is for people interested in learning about our beautiful state -- whether they live here already or want to discover what we have to offer. is part of a duo of informative, Alaska-centered websites.
  • Alaska - InAlaska
    A comprehensive way to research the history, activities, experiences and adventures Alaska has to offer. The site is content rich, with a variety of information on the places, people and natural wonders that make Alaska unique in the world. We hope it gives you a better feel for Alaska and the opportunities it offers for a growing variety of travel experiences. Our content will frequently change with new features, visuals, travel options and tour advertising. By exploring various destinations, you can begin to get an idea of the diversity and remoteness of the state. Activities descriptions will help you discover Alaska experiences. See the land and its people through visuals. Reading features, learn about Alaska from Alaska writers. Use the search function at the top of the page at any time to find information about subjects that interest you. An online question and opinion forum provides a chance to discuss issues of importance to Alaska visitors.
  • Alaska -
    Juneau is jaw-dropping spectacular. ?The beauty of the place is almost blinding,? Outside editors wrote in 1992. A 1995 Los Angeles Times readers? poll listed Juneau among the top ten cruise destinations in the world for scenery and shopping. What makes Juneau so special? The “Little San Francisco of the North,” Alaska’s capital city of 31,000 is a picturesque gold-rush town with Victorian homes and false-front shops clinging to a thread of land at the foot of 3,500-foot slopes. Streets too steep for cars dead-end into staircases.
  • Alaska - is for people interested in learning about our beautiful capital city -- whether they live here already or want to discover what we have to offer. This site is part of a duo of informative, Alaska-centered websites.
  • Alaska - Kodiak Alaska travel guide
    The Kodiak Island Alaska Travel Guide contains detailed information on accommodations, the most popular attractions in Kodiak, up to date weather forecasts, maps, facts about Kodiak and Alaska, transportation, tours and advice for travelers. There are sections covering Kodiak Island history, events, outdoor activities, fishing, wildlife, the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, fishing for world class salmon and halibut. A selection of hotels, motels and bed & breakfast are listed with photos and descriptions.
  • Alaska - Portal Alaska
    Portal Alaska is a technological resource for the state of Alaska. Portal Alaska offers the people of Alaska a simple and efficient way to manage
    their information, business and personal activities. Portal Alaska aims to be the most comprehensive, thorough web presence about and for Alaska’s citizens and businesses. Full of content from every corner of the state, Portal Alaska is built and maintained by local service providers and gives area businesses the opportunity to reach potential customers. This site provides information to both tourists and locals with its various sections dedicated to entertainment, community issues, weather, news and more.
  • Alaska - Alaska Yellow pages
    Alaskan starting point on the Internet. For information on Alaska and the world, it starts here!
  • Alaska - Alaska Yellow pages
    Alaska WhiteYellowPages is your local Alaska directory and Alaska city guide. WhiteYellowPages makes it easier to find anything in Alaska by allowing you to search six different Alaska yellow pages, six different Alaska white pages, or the web from one page. WhiteYellowPages combines local Alaska phone directories with Alaska weather, Alaska news, and other Alaska tools.
  • Alaska - Vacation Alaska
    Alaska's leading vacation travel guide providing information about Alaskan accommodations, tours and sightseeing throughout Alaska. Imagine the absolute splendor of a vacation to the Greatland. Come experience a land of immense diversity and unparalleled grandeur. Alaska is so vast the temperature in one location may vary as much as one hundred degrees from another. Alaska spans across 586,000 square miles of untamed wilderness, and is home to the tallest mountain on the North American continent, (Mt. Mckinley--20,320 feet). Alaska is one fifth the size of the continental United States, and boasts a rich tapestry of history and culture. Alaska is bordered by two oceans and three seas resulting in over 47,000 miles of coastline. Within these borders is a majestic untamed landscape upon which wildlife flourishes abundantly. Alaska is home to over three million lakes, 3,000 rivers, 1,800 islands, and more than 100,000 glaciers.
  • Alaska - Welcome to Alaska
    Welcome to Alaska is your complete information guide for Alaska, Alaska vacations, Alaska cruises, Alaska tours, Alaska Wildlife, Traveling to Alaska, Alaska Bed and Breakfast, Alaska Lodging and much more.


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